Thursday, March 08, 2007

Reese Witherspoon is missing from 'Bunny Lake is Missing'

According to, Reese Witherspoon has "ankled" the upcoming remake of Bunny Lake is Missing. What makes her abrupt departure (just five weeks before the start of shooting) all the more unusual: In addition to starring as an anxious mom who can't prove the existence of her abducted child, she was supposed to be one of the film's producers. Gee, you think that, maybe, she finally took a look at the original 1965 version and realized that, even with Laurence Olivier in the cast and Otto Preminger as director, it really wasn't all that good? And that it sure didn't do a hell of a lot for the career of Carol Lynley, who played the lead in the '65 flick?

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's better to remake a middling movie and improve it, than botch up a classic.