Saturday, August 11, 2007

Me on YouTube

One of my more ambitious students at the Town & Country campus of Houston Community College has been producing segments for HCC-TV. Unfortunately, because there's no money involved, he can't be too picky about who he uses as "talent."


Anonymous said...

"Hah hah"--the comments on Disturbia.
It sounds like Rush Hour 3 is not as good as any classic film; now
I realize that nothing is! O.k, maybe 300 was pretty apealing (and definately Carlito's Way, or Pan's Labyrinth, and all of Jack Nicholson's work); but it's hard to beat "Open Blows," or my all-time new favorite, "Le Voyage dans la lune!!!"

Joe Leydon said...

Open Blows? Is that the sequel to The 400 Blows?

Rick Ryan said...

Entertaining and informative, Joe. You might want to consider making video segments a regular feature of your site.