Saturday, August 11, 2007

Me on YouTube

One of my more ambitious students at the Town & Country campus of Houston Community College has been producing segments for HCC-TV. Unfortunately, because there's no money involved, he can't be too picky about who he uses as "talent."


Anonymous said...

"Hah hah"--the comments on Disturbia.
It sounds like Rush Hour 3 is not as good as any classic film; now
I realize that nothing is! O.k, maybe 300 was pretty apealing (and definately Carlito's Way, or Pan's Labyrinth, and all of Jack Nicholson's work); but it's hard to beat "Open Blows," or my all-time new favorite, "Le Voyage dans la lune!!!"

Joe Leydon said...

Open Blows? Is that the sequel to The 400 Blows?