Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Barack Obama: Superstar

What Tina Daunt of the L.A. Times writes specifically about Barack Obama's appeal to Hollywood insiders may also help explain the candidate's ascending superstardom everywhere:

"[I]n a town that for many months has been divided by head and heart, a lot of entertainment industry people who chose [Hillary] Clinton because she was the smart choice, the 'inevitable' Democratic candidate, are going where their hearts have long wanted to take them -- to a place on the Obama bandwagon (and nobody wants to miss the last seat).

"From the beginning, Hollywood has loved Obama's story -- his 'pitch' as they say -- but were wary of his real box office potential. Iowa and now possibly New Hampshire have lifted that uncertainty. The only thing the town likes better than a great story is a winning one."

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Anonymous said...

Nice juxtaposition of 'Barack Obama; Superstar' and 'Barack Obama Exposed' ad at the top of the page!!