Friday, April 11, 2008

Prom Night: It doesn't suck

OK, I'll admit: On certain rare occasions, I will walk into a movie with expectations so low that the mere suggestion of competence on the part of the moviemakers will drive me to unseemly heights of irrational exuberance. But, honestly, the new Prom Night remake really does strike me as a better-than-average teen-skewing thriller, as I duly note in my Variety review.


Nick said...

Yeah, what do you call that? The law of extremely low expectations?

The strange thing is that you may end up liking the better-than-average slasher more than the indie film that didn't live up to high expectations, even though you know which one is better.

Toto said...

Expectations are a funny thing. You may feel differently about "Prom Night" if you watched it a year from now. I just rewatched "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton," a movie I expected zero out of but found very winning upon its release. After the fresh viewing, I asked myself, 'what was I thinking?'

GH said...

It doesn't suck. It blows. Royally. I mean, has this reviewer ever watched the movie? It's DREADFUL.