Sunday, May 06, 2007

The glamorous life of a semi-famous film critic/blogger

Today I am dusting, sweeping and otherwise neatening up my home office, in the hope of (a) bringing order out of chaos, so I can better organize an ongoing research project, and (b) allowing the installer(s) easier access to my computer next week when I switch high-speed Internet service providers. I am disgustingly dirty and sweaty – and, worse, covered with dust. (I had to wash my hands before taking a break to type this.) Indeed, I’m finding huge clumps of dust here, there and everywhere. I fear that, if I did a DNA examination of some clumps, I’d find traces of dearly departed pet cats who joined the Choir Invisible years ago. I am posting this info only so that, if I suddenly am stricken with an inexplicable malady, and I fall into a coma, someone can inform Dr. House and his team where I may have contracted something.

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