Friday, May 25, 2007

Al Gore, Superstar

From the L.A. Times: "Like an actor polished by constant interviews on a marathon movie junket, vice president turned Hollywood darling Al Gore has mastered the art of (not) answering the most obvious question: Is he running for president in 2008? 'I'm not trying to be coy or glib in any way,' he says coyly during an interview this week in Beverly Hills. 'I have no plans or intentions or expectations of running.'"

If he does throw his hat into the ring, however, Gore likely will attract strong support among movie industry insiders. At least, that's the prediction of longtime Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman.

"They gave the guy an Oscar, after all," Bragman told the L.A. Times, referring to the Best Documentary award given to An Inconvenient Truth. "He's not only adored in Hollywood as a politician but also as a member of the community, as a filmmaker. He can marshal support from all the power players."

A personal note: I briefly chatted with Al Gore last April at the Nashville Film Festival. And, of course, I asked him the really important question: "When do you start work on An Inconvenient Truth II?" He laughed, and replied: "Well, give me time. It took me nearly 30 years to get the first one made!"

UPDATE: Well, maybe it won't take that long for a sequel after all.

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