Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Roy Rogers rides again (and again and again and...)

Listen up, buckaroos: Roy Rogers will honored Aug. 28 with a day-long retrospective on Turner Classic Movies. Among the attractions: Young Bill Hickok, Young Buffalo Bill and Jesse James at Bay, three sagebrush sagas featuring The King of the Cowboys as Wild West legends; Dark Command, Roy's only co-starring stint with John Wayne; and The Cowboy and the Senorita, the 1944 classic that paired Roy for the first time with a lovely leading lady named Dale Evans. The couple remained together for decades, on screen and off, roaming along many happy trails while making sweet music together.

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Anonymous said...

THE GOLDEN STALLION is must see RR ... Roy takes the murder rap for ... Trigger ... QT showed this one at QT5 in austin a while back, and it is obvious that uma thurman (see the bedside props for her daughter in Kill Bill Vol 2) is the spirit of trigger ... berg