Sunday, October 07, 2007

The art of movie posters

Louis B. Parks has a fun piece on collectible movie posters in the Sunday edition of The Houston Chronicle. Money quote from Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne: "I think the interest (in art posters) has been triggered by the fact they have replaced masterworks... There was a time when many people could buy traditional artists, like a Renoir. Now the prices are prohibitive. So movie posters have taken up some of that role. Especially the Italian and French posters, because they are so beautiful. The artwork on the Italian posters is so stunningly beautiful, they are artworks in themselves."

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Unknown said...

Movie posters/ads have become so dull. Recently I came across a website that features the work of artist Howard Terpning. His work still amazes me. Give it a look:
Nothing today comes close to his (or Bob Peak's artistry).
For years we've seen the emergence of the giant head motif. Still don't understand that. So many posters tell nothing about a film except that you'll be seeing plenty of the giant head of Tom Cruise, et al.