Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First the movie, then the musical, and now... The MTV special!

I'm old enough to recall Sunday evenings when The Ed Sullivan Show would offer live performances of production numbers from then-current Broadway musicals. (Trivia note: Davy Jones, later to star in The Monkees, appeared as the Artful Dodger in an Oliver! excerpt when that show was highlighted on the same 1964 Ed Sullivan telecast that introduced U.S. audiences to The Beatles.) And I vaguely -- very vaguely -- recall seeing a 1964 Hallmark Hall of Fame telecast of The Fantasticks when that show was just four years into its legendarily long off-Broadway run. But I can't remember ever seeing a TV presentation of a Broadway musical while that show continued to be a hot ticket on The Great White Way. But that's precisely what MTV will offer this weekend.

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