Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kismat Konnection

It's difficult for a featherweight musical romance to remain light and breezy for 151 minutes, but the disarmingly charming Kismat Konnection rarely dawdles long enough for you to note the passing of time or the padding of plot. One of a handful of recent Bollywood confections to get relatively wide North American release simultaneously with first run engagements in India, it could very well click with U.S. moviegoers heretofore unexposed to such flavorsome fare. A sweetly sincere love story, engaging performances by attractive leads, and spirited presentations of peppy production numbers are its major selling points.

You can read my entire Variety review here.

And can groove to the title song here:

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Free Press Houston said...

yes, but what did you think of LOVE STORY 2050?