Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Early Oscar odds favor Invictus

Veteran Oscar prognosticator Scott Feinberg has posted his latest projections for this year's glittering prizes. And it looks like, even before anyone has seen it, Clint Eastwood's Invictus is shaping up as a front-runner. Which will be very good news for my editors at Cowboys & Indians magazine: Award-winning actor and long-time horse enthusiast Morgan Freeman -- who plays Nelson Mandela in the Best Picture contender -- will be the subject of a cover-story profile in the January issue on sale Dec. 8 at fine newsstands everywhere.

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Dave said...

*sigh* I really do hate it when these moronic, blowhard 'Oscar bloggers' annoint some movie they haven't even seen yet as the frontrunner.

No one has even seen a frame of Invictus, the first trailer isn't in theaters until the middle of next month yet preposterously it's the number one movie to beat based on nothing more than its pedigree.

No disrespect to Eastwood or his film (I hear the script is very good) but I find this whole business of these twits building up expectations to be incredibly counterproductive. It's never a good thing to be perceived as the number one in the race since it inevitably sets up expectations that can't be met. If I know Eastwood this will be some small scale intimate drama & not all the epic some people are expecting.