Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last picture shows

Every time I drive past a shuttered movie theater, my heart breaks a little. I think of the many people who had so many memorable times there. How many had their first glimpses of faraway places, or were inspired to be or do something, or had their assumptions about other people challenged for the first time, while gazing at the screen. How many families enjoyed -- without realizing until years later how much they treasured -- the times spent there as family outings. How many children felt safe, even when bad and scary things happened on the screen, because mom or dad or both parents were there to protect them. And yes: I wonder how many fell in love, or savored their first kiss, while seated in the darkness?

Matt Stopera of BuzzFeed offers glimpses of 75 abandoned theaters here. (One caveat: I think Number 24 is a high school, not a moviehouse, in my hometown of New Orleans.)


MovieGal said...

Some of these also seem to be concert houses.
I think I may be in love with the Boston one (#2) -- but they all deserve a second chance.

Joe Leydon said...

Well, to be fair, the headline for the package says "abandoned theaters," not "abandoned MOVIE theaters," so...