Friday, October 18, 2013

October surprises: On-line reviews, festive occasions

So what have I been up to elsewhere this month? Glad you asked:

Forgetting the Girl -- My Variety review of  the indie thriller that impressed me last year at WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival. Unfortunately, I was far less impressed by the filmed-in-Texas Red Wing.

Big Ass Spider! -- Director Mike Mendez spins a few stories about his surprisingly clever creature feature. (Yes, you guessed it -- that's my "surprisingly clever" quote on the above poster.)

2013 Houston Cinema Arts Festival -- Coming soon to an H-Town venue near you. Read all about it here. And here.

Muscle Shoals -- Greg Camalier's fascinating documentary about making music in the eponymous Alabama town where, hey, maybe's there's something special in the air that enhances artistry.

Lost for Words -- Another indie from another WorldFest/Houston International Film Festival.

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