Saturday, July 01, 2017

Mom goes time-tripping in Chinese-produced thriller Reset

The Korean filmmaker known as Chang does the time warp again, and again, in the Chinese-produced sci-fi thriller Reset, a film best described as the fair-to-middling realization of a cleverer-than-average high concept. The MacGuffin here is a “data module” that contains info about technology capable of sending people way back into the past — make that back 110 minutes or so — through artificial wormholes leading to parallel universes. But that’s merely the impetus for repeated time-jumps by research physicist Xia Tang (Yang Mi), whose five-year-old son is kidnapped by bad guys demanding ownership of the aforementioned module, and who must go to extremes on two different occasions when her little boy is killed twice.

Reset — which won Best Picture and Best Actress prizes last April at the WordFest/Houston International Film Festival — opened Friday in theatrical and digital release. You can read the rest of my Variety review here.

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