Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to Sell an Awful Film in 12 Easy Steps

Confirming everyone's darkest suspicions, "a PR expert reveals the tricks of marketing movies so bad they can't even make the remainder bin." Publicist Susan Self spills the beans (and unclosets the skeletons) for, in an amusing and enlightening story that is certain to greatly peeve certain Internet "critics."

Money quote: "Luckily, a lot of important-sounding movie websites (something like, say, '' or '') belong to lonely guys living in rural hamlets who are desperate for something to write about and easily bribed into giving a film four stars in exchange for some free screeners and a vaguely worded invitation to the 'world premiere.' Of the ten fake movie critic sites that I use, six are in West Virginia, two are in Virginia, one is in Kentucky and one is in North Carolina. Go figure. Most of these guys (and they're always GUYS) can't get Fed Ex deliveries, since they're all on some rural route or use PO Boxes.

"Once they post the glowing tribute on their websites — the links usually arrive in my inbox within ten minutes — I can proudly quote their raves on our movie posters, websites, and marketing materials."

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Anonymous said...

Great article. Unfortunately, there's no IMDb listing for Vampire Booty Call. I have GOT to see this picture! Any clues??