Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dumped in the heart of Texas

According to People magazine, Blonde Ambition, a starring vehicle for the lovely and talented Jessica Simpson, is coming soon.... to a video store near you. Strictly speaking, however, it won't be a straight-to-DVD release, because the comedy (which co-stars Luke Wilson) will open Dec. 21 for an extremely limited theatrical run. How limited? Elizabeth Wolfe, a spokeswoman for both Nu Image/Millennium Films, the film's production company, and First Look Distribution, which will distribute the comedy, tells People:

"It is being released in this crowded marketplace in eight theaters in Texas. The reason we chose Texas is the two stars are from Texas: Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson. As an independent studio, we, as a rule, don't have major wide releases. It's a very common release practice for independent studios."

Hey, when it comes to positive spin, Dana Perino has nothing on this lady.

It seems to me that... Oh, sorry, have to answer the phone. I think it's my Variety editor with a review assignment.

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