Thursday, December 13, 2007

He is legend

A provocative piece in today's L.A. Times suggests that Will Smith has become "Hollywood's biggest post-racial movie star." Money quote: "At a time when the world is growing more multicultural by the minute, movie studios cling to the notion that black performers cannot sell as many overseas movie tickets as their white counterparts. But Smith is shattering that perception..." Which doubtless will make the producers of I am Legend -- opening Friday at theaters and drive-ins everywhere -- very, very happy


Toto said...

Let's give credit to Will's ability to pick projects. And, better yet, for the fact that he doesn't phone it in even when he can. He could have walked through "I Am Legend" and let the great premise/effects/budget/CGI do the rest. Instead, he delivers a knockout performance that would be Oscar caliber if the film didn't include zombies.

Joe Leydon said...

Sad, but true: Zombies are the last underrepresented minority in Hollywood