Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hailing Norman Jewison (again)

Two years ago, it was my great privilege and honor to conduct an on-stage Q&A with filmmaker Norman Jewison at the Starz Denver Film Festival, on the occasion of his receiving the festival's 2007 Mayor's Career Achievement Award. Today comes word that Jewison soon will have another prize to display on his mantelpiece: He will receive a Lifetime Achievement honor from the Directors Guild of America during the 62nd annual DGA Awards Jan. 30 in Los Angeles. Good for him. As DGA president Taylor Hackford aptly noted: “There are very few filmmakers whose body of work moves so fluidly between romantic comedy and political thriller, musical and satire, with an ease and an eloquence that few could hope to match. Norman well deserves to stand among the giants of cinema whom we have honored in the past.” Yes, he does.

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