Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From 'Wolverine' to the Nashville scene

Filmmaker Gavin Hood is nothing if not versatile. After directing the Oscar-winning Tsotsi and the fanboy-friendly X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he's tackling a TV pilot for the recently launched EPIX cable network. Tough Trade, which starts shooting in Nashville this week, features Sam Shepard as patriarch of the Tucker family, a three-generation Nashville music dynasty. The bad news: Drink, debauchery and divorce have left the once-mighty Tuckers on the verge of bankruptcy. The worse news: Ol' Man Tucker's grandson, an exceptionally talented singer and guitarist, has no interest in joining the family business -- because he prefers to make a living by selling illegal ammunition around Nashville. Lucas Black of Sling Blade and the forthcoming Get Low plays the prodigal grandson, and Cary Elwes -- the dashing hero of The Princess Bride -- has signed on to play his dad. No word yet as to whether any of these characters has retractable claws.

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