Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trailer Park: Liam Neeson kicks ass -- again -- in A Walk Among the Tombstones

It's written and directed by Scott Frank, an ace scripter (Get Shorty, Minority Report, Out of Sight) whose debut effort as a multihyphenate, The Lookout, quite impressed me. And it's got Liam Neeson doing his moody badass thing -- which can be a lot of fun -- as novelist Lawrence Block's tarnished antihero, alcoholic ex-cop Matthew Scudder. A safe bet: Fans of the Block books likely will enjoy A Walk Among the Tombstones a lot more than the only other previous movie adaptation of a Scudder story, Hal Ashby's critically mauled 1986 thriller 8 Million Ways to Die.

Here's the trailer:

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