Sunday, December 17, 2006

Coming soon to a theater near you: John Sayles' 'Honeydripper'

Thanks to Anne Thompson for the head's up: The lovely and talented Maggie Renzi, John Sayles' long-time producing partner, announces on her new blog that Sayles' latest feature, Honeydripper , has just completed principal photography in Alabama. They'll start editing the movie in their garage Jan. 8.

"And I’m damned," Renzi writes, "if after all this work we’re going to see another movie sacrificed to the Petty God of Bad Distribution. We’re working with Emerging Pictures to see if we can reach these 2 simple goals: see the movie reach its audiences, and see the filmmakers pocket the profits.

"Stay tuned as we try to remake a broken system. Help us if you can."

To be continued...

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