Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love stories

This New York Daily News article on contemporary romantic comedies reminds me of a joke that journalists often tell: Q. What is a trend? A. Two facts and a reporter on deadline. Something tells me that somebody dreamed up a premise for a Sunday think piece without bothering to fully consider that, hey, maybe a handful of under-achieving movies do not necessarily signal anything significant.

Indeed, it's actually quite funny to read Joe Neumaier's claim that audiences are turned off by recent rom-coms -- and that "the classic genre seems to have fallen out of step with modern life" -- even as he grudgingly acknowledges that some recent "losers" actually were box-office hits. Yes, even the much-maligned Maid in Manhattan. (Of course, it probably isn't a good idea to go back to 2002 while discussing "contemporary" movie trends, but never mind.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the link, Joe

Joe Neumaier
Sunday Features Editor
New York Daily News

Joe Leydon said...

You're quite welcome.