Monday, January 15, 2007

A moment of Zen during the Golden Globes

Very odd: I'm speaking on the phone to the long-suffering Mrs. Leydon back in Houston (while I'm a hotel room in Dallas) when the Best Director award is announced. (We're both watching the Golden Globes on our respective TVs.) She exclaims: "Oh, Martin Scorsese! That's great! It's about time!" But here's the strange part: She says that about four seconds before I hear the announcement on my TV. I have to ask myself: Do TV signals hit Houston before they hit Dallas? Or what?

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garthsj said...


Depnding on the cable system, there can be as much as a five second delay. If I am watching a show over the air in my kitchen, while it is also on over my cable in the living room, there is a three second delay ... I hope this does not deflate your Zen moment..