Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last 'Inconvenient Truth' posting until Oscar night (maybe)

Over at the Talking Points Memo Cafe, Eric Kleefeld reports that Al Gore has been nominated for a Nobel Prize -- largely, though not entirely, because of An Inconvenient Truth -- and notes: "This makes Gore to our knowledge the only movie-maker who's been nominated for both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar on the strength of a single movie."


Anonymous said...

Uh...consider this: Hugh Harman's 1939 MGM cartoon short PEACE ON EARTH was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize -- and Harman's film was also nominated for the '39 Academy Award for Best Cartoon Short Subject.

ThinMe said...

Um, sorry, but as far as I can tell, Harman's cartoon was NOT nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. That seems to be an urban legend, despite having been widely repeated. (You can't always believe what you hear on the Cartoon Network or read in Wikipedia. Go figure.)
Here's the actual list of 1939 Nobel Peace Prize Nominees: