Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ralph Fiennes: Sky Stud (Or: I'm Lisa, Fly Me)

You know, it's getting increasingly difficult to remember that this story started out sounding like it would be bad publicity for Ralphie Boy.

(And don't think I'm not a little jealous. I mean, "an evening of almost non-stop lovemaking" in a lavish Bombay hotel room? Damn. I would need a fistful of Cialis and a bowl of Wheaties before I could handle that.)


ThinMe said...

Yeah, he does come across as quite studly and romantic in the part about their encounter in the air an in India. But his coolness later and refusal to back up an alternate story to help her save her job seems pretty selfish. Ad the part about not wearing a condom while on a trip to promote AIDS prevention seems like something so perfectly ironic that you might not believe it if was in a movie. Anyway, I'd say it's mixed publicity for Mr. Fiennes.

Hotel @nyware said...

We're on the same wavelength-- I posted the "I'm Lisa. Fly Me" thing too Nice job!

Ralph Fiennes Gets Some Complimentary Mojo On TakeOff Plus Bonus Miles!

Can't Blame It On RainMan!

Qantas Stewardess Lisa Robertson must have taken Hotel Anyware's moniker seriously --- "A Business class ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo after takeoff. Feel free to move around the cabin, but please stay inside the aircraft until you land."

According to Rainman (Dustin Hoffman in the film of the same name ) only one airline, Qantas never crashed; but it did have a mid-air incident on a recent Darwin-to-Mumbai (Bombay) flight. "The spirit of Australia" now has Hollywood's best frequent flyer program as Ralph Fiennes, seat 2K, got triple xxx bonus miles with Lisa Robertson as he joined the elite group of travelers in the mile high airborne "shagadelic" club.

Ralph has given new meaning to the free spirited traveler's wanderlust. He was on a five-day UNICEF tour of AIDS-ravaged India to raise awareness about STDs. The global promoter and Ambassador of safe sex has become "Unsafe Rafe" at any speed.

Harry Pothead got busted by the former New South Wales DEA undercover cop, turned flight attendant/air matress.

Daddy's little girl, Robertson says, "(Ralph) didn't' wear a condom. Looking back it was dangerous behaviour - and pretty hypocritical given that he was going to India to talk about Aids. "But at the time I didn't care. As we were going at it he joked, 'Are you promiscuous.'"

Work Ethic In The Toilet "I'm Lisa. Fly Me!"

Her dad Graham Robertson, was quoted as saying" Lisa just does her job and if someone wants a cup of coffee and biscuits, she looks after them." I guess bathroom sex is part of her $24,000 per year job. Check please.

Ba-Bye---Thank you for flying Qantas. Flight crew, you can now return your passengers to their upright positions.

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Joe Leydon said...

MovieGal: "Ironic" actually may be too mild a term for it. File this one under "Stuff I Wouldn't Dare Make Up."