Monday, July 02, 2007

Blast from the past

Houston film critic and bon vivant Michael Bergeron has posted on YouTube this clip of a 1992 TV featurette on White Men Can't Jump. Ace sports broadcaster Spencer Tillman is at the top of his game here. But one of his interview subjects -- a rather portly Houston Post writer -- most certainly is not. Thanks a lot, Mike.


Josh M. said...

Ah, the heady days when you could take a video camera into a movie theater... Seriously, could Tillman not get any clips from the studio?

Joe Leydon said...

That does look odd, doesn't it? I don't think Spence was moonlighting as a movie pirate -- but, hey, I used to work at Channel 2, and I know they paid lousy, so... (Of course, since Mr. Tillman is an ex-football player who could drop kick my sorry butt into a different zipcode, I should hasten to add: Just kidding.)

Anonymous said...

Tillman could get clips as the 20th century fox rep was there with us ... however he choose to do a kind of MAN ON THE STREET style profile of the screening, thus the cameras in the theater ... that was 1992 by the way