Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hold the phone! It's Jack Carter!

OK, I’ll admit it: I thought I was being punked when a friend alerted me to the existence of YouPorn, a kinda-sorta X-rated version of YouTube. But sure enough, the site does exist – and, better still, it offers this steamy sequence from Get Carter, Mike Hodges’ classic 1971 Brit gangster drama. Steely-eyed bad-ass Michael Caine phones hot-to-trot sexpot Britt Ekland – and the conversation becomes progressively more, uh, intense… (Warning: This isn’t one you’ll want to watch at the office. Unless, of course, you’re alone. Or the boss.)

Oh, and by the way, I wasn't exaggerting about the steely-eyed bad-ass stuff. Just take a look at the original 1971 trailer.

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