Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crash II: The Sequel

I almost never purchase the extra "full coverage" insurance when I rent a car, because -- well, because I'm cheap. But because I had left my regular proof-of-insurance card at home -- and, yeah, because someone else was paying for the trip -- I agreed to the additional coverage when I rented from Budget in L.A. this week.

Well, I don't know if God or Truffaut or Elvis was looking out for me, but I made the right move: The very next day, while heading back to my hotel after attending a screening at Lionsgate, I was driving along 405 South, having just entered from 10 East, when a truck veered into my lane and... Well, let's just say that, hours later, I found that I still had tiny bits of shattered safety glass in my hair. But, what the hell, I was still alive. And, not incidentally, I also had another rental car to drive.


Peter Martin said...

Wow! Hope you're completely OK. That's why I'm a nervous wreck when I visit LA now -- the 405 should be renamed the Highway to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. I too hope everything's alright, both there and back home.

Anonymous said...

That's ugly, and it confirms at least one "Crash" L.A. stereotype. Hope the rest of your stay was more pleasant! It was great finally getting to meet you.