Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Coming soon to a theater near me (but maybe not one near you)

From The New York Times: "On June 13, Sony Pictures Classics, one of New York’s wilier distributors of independent films, plans to open its little comic thriller Baghead... in Austin, Tex., where its writer-directors, the brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, got their filmmaking careers in gear. Then Baghead will probably move on to Dallas, Houston or, maybe, Portland, Ore. — cities that, in the words of Tom Bernard, the co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, 'tend to connect with what’s new and different.'"

Damn. I had no idea I was living in such a way-cool place...

Well, actually, that's a lie: I did know that. But the sheer coolness of my home base tends to surprise some visitors.

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