Wednesday, February 18, 2009

R.I.P.: Loki Rourke (1991-2009)

A few years ago at the Toronto Film Festival, I had the pleasure to interview Mickey Rourke after the festival premiere of Spun, an over-the-top, under-appreciated indie flick that, had it reached the audience it deserved, might served as his comeback vehicle long before The Wrestler. As we talked on the balcony of his hotel suite, he was never less than gracious and forthcoming. But even as he politely fielded my questions, he remained attentive to his beloved dog, Loki, and remained ever vigilant lest the pooch scamper too close to a chair or table that might allow him access to the balcony railing. To put it simply: The guy loved his dog. And speaking as someone who once had to be on hand while a favorite cat was put to sleep by a vet, all I can say is: Mickey, I feel your pain. Please accept my condolences.

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