Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Ghost Who Walks (Again)

For more than a decade, I've counted The Phantom -- Simon Wincer's likably lightweight 1996 action-adventure based on the Lee Falk comic strip -- among my favorite guilty pleasures, if only because it's one of the very few movies of its kind in which a superhero actually enjoys doing derring-do. So I have to admit that I'll be tuning in when the Sci Fi Channel airs a four-hour Phantom movie that's intended as a back-door pilot for a weekly series. I just hope Ryan Carnes has as much fun as Billy Zane did when he donned the purple body suit of The Ghost Who Walks.

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Scott Mendelson said...

Treat Williams was hysterically fun as the villain. I haven't seen it since 1996, so I hope it's aged better than The Rocketeer (great acting, but little to no action).