Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America: The Musical

OK, I'll admit it: Back in the day, when these cheesy cartoons with Marvel Comics superheroes aired in New Orleans on a weekday afternoon children's show -- Cap Canaveral, if memory serves me correctly -- I thought they were pretty freakin' dreadful. Even as a 12-year-old, I could tell that pennies had been pinched, corners had been cut, and the animation left something to be desired. (Something like, oh, I dunno, maybe real animation.) And yet I felt compelled to watch. Why? Well, I was a big Marvel fan at the time. And, yeah, there was something about the theme song for the Captain America cartoons...

And the Spider-Man theme was so endearingly and enduringly neat, it was reprised -- briefly -- by a street musician in the movie Spider-Man 2.

But really, there's never been any excuse for that.


craig suide said...

absolutely on target. these were just about the worst cartoons ever made and i was around the same age, and i knew it then too. but like you said it was the only game in town for marvel fans. the spiderman song was also covered by the ramones and sounds great. the other two songs are just reprehensible.

Joe Leydon said...

But I can't help myself: Some days I'll be driving along, alone in the car, thinking of nothing in particular, when suddely I start singing: "When Captain America throws his mighty shield..."