Sunday, September 18, 2011

From Toronto: Trespass

Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman and Joel Schumacher -- together again for the first time. The last time Cage and Schumacher collaborated, the result was a movie -- 8mm -- that I admired, but many people despised. And when Schumacher last directed Kidman -- well, OK, you have to admit that Batman Forever was better than Batman & Robin, right? Anyway: They're all involved in Trespass, and you read my mostly positive Variety review here.

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Anonymous said...

As a fan of Cage and Kidman, I definitely want to see this. Although certain red-flags (like for instance the almost straight-to-video release schedule) gave me pause and made me wonder if it was going to be a letdown. I went ahead and put it in my Blockbuster Movie Pass queue, so I’ll get to find out for myself soon, but you’re review certainly helped make up my mind. If I really hate it I can always just take it in for an in-store exchange, which isn’t an option with Netflix (or rather Qwikster now). And Blockbuster is a more complete service too, for $10 a month I get by mail, blu-rays, dvd’s and video games, online streaming and a bunch of movie channels (20 to be precise). Plus as a DISH Network employee I’m happy to tell people that when they sign up now they can get 12 months of Blockbuster Movie Pass free!