Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joe Leydon: Model citizen or runaway juror?

Did my civic duty and showed up today -- but wasn't actually selected to serve on a jury. Probably just as well: I wouldn't have wanted to make legal history by being the first juror to demand capital punishment for a Class-C misdemeanor. (Yeah, I know: I'm not nearly as sympathetic when the defendant isn't a member of my spectacularly untidy family.) BTW: The Honorable Russ Ridgway actually remembered me from my days at The Houston Post, and expressed regret that the newspaper shut down in 1995 -- indicating that, in addition to being a singularly astute jurist, he is a man of impeccable taste. And he seemed genuinely amused when I suggested that someone in his position might be especially intrigued by The Bling Ring.

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