Monday, July 21, 2014

And the hits just keep on coming: More responses to my review of D'Souza's America

Dinesh D'Souza's America: Imagine the World Without Her may be fading at the boxoffice, but the passion of its champions remains unabated. A couple weeks back, I offered a sampling of the responses posted online at to my less-than-favorable review of the film. Here are a few more postings -- once again, reprinted verbatim via cut and paste.

Joe Leydon demonstrates with epitome of the Leftists who hate America and are contemptuous of our great founding and the United States of America’s contribution to the world and mankind. Joe Leydon is a bitter, deluded man who has imbued his life and himself with hostility and resentment towards what is good. His hostility prevents him from viewing America, this country, and the movie, as a celebration of the ideals and the values that make America a beacon and a land of hope and opportunity. Joe Leydon should live in socialist countries that by their very nature, do not have our values, freedoms as embodied in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and our Constitution. I have traveled the world and there is no better country than America. Joe Leydon and those like him ARE what is WRONG with America today because they would seek to destroy that which is the great hope and life’s breath to the citizens. To put this bluntly, Joe Leydon is an ignoble pig who does not deserve the freedoms this country affords him. Let him live elsewhere because he pollutes this great nation with his self-righteous ignorant hatred.

We all know what side of the argument you are on since you show so well…what do you have to offer this awesome country. You are a fool if you do not see the “good” in the country you live in. Go make fun in some other land.

It’s amazing how hard it is for people like you to appreciate America. You should go live somewhere else.

Bitch Hilliary and her lying piece of sorry shit husband should be in prison for having political opponents murdered. Start with Vince Foster who was about to spill the beans on both of them. They are almost as evil as Obama if that is possible. Anyone that supports either is an enemy if the USA.

What an unmitigated fool you are. I suggest you speak of your Marxist, left-wing credentials before you try to write of something you clearly don’t understand. Not only are you a propagandist that Goebbels would have been proud of your writing is sophomoric at best. YOU ARE THE ENEMY and we know it now more than ever.

It was refreshing to have a person that came LEGALLY from another country TELL the regular Joe HOW GREAT OUR LAND IS. I am sick of the wah wah people crying about crap. The only thing that needs to be cried about is the Fundamental Transformation of our Nation we love but this Jerk uneducated voters voted for. SMOKE AND MIRRORS vote smarter next time.

Joe Leydon sounds like a rocket scientist.

To that final comment, I can only reply: Well, comparatively speaking...

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