Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sharing the love from readers of my review of D'Souza's America

Evidently, my Variety review of America: Imagine the World Without Her, the latest  feature from conservative commentator and author Dinesh D'Souza, has upset some people. Even a few who, judging from their comments on, have not actually seen the movie yet. These are a few of my favorite postings, reprinted here verbatim ala cut and paste.

well we can’t tell that you’re not from Hollywood and so left almost Jane Fonda like. ask for me I was born and raised in California & I have been alive for 63 years I have seen my state being torn apart by third world country mentality and the left hatred of our country where is the tolerant hippies of the 60′s what happened to you ate too many mushrooms you are just so hateful the left so intolerant you have to have everything your way wah wah wah wah just sickening I just want to enjoy this movie and lets you just leave your hate filled comments to yourself nobody wants to hear your crap it’s just more crap from Hollywood Hollywood is a tank for Obama and the left and everybody knows it thats why nobody goes to show anymore hello wanna make a page check then put something on there we want to watch case in point films that have meaning and purpose like this 1 4 God’s not dead hello we’re out here we do spend money and you’re not a favorite of mine

The movie addresses the wrongs done. But puts them in context. I think you should stop thinking.

Seems to me as the reviewer is so duped by his educators and leftist elitist mentality he cannot receive the message D’Souza has brought historical fact to back it….obviously the reviewer doesn’t know or just refuses to accept the facts of history…..mainly because he can’t accept the God of the Bible and His interest in the affairs of man when man endeavors to honor Him

Joe Leydon, why do you hate America so much? And if you do hate her so much, why stay, why not surrender your U.S. Citizenship, and move to Cuba, China, or maybe Russia?

Caution! This film refutes the fraudulent leftist narrative that has been promulgated by our schools, media and radical leftist politicos like Obama who’ve been educated by Saul Alinsky and Cloward& Piven & who have overtaken the Democrat Party. 100 Tomatoes! This film is a wonderful history lesson that should be seen by everyone and especially children! Note the disparity in the film’s tomato meter score between the lemming like unthinking socialist critics who post here and the Audience. The leftists don’t want anything that criticizes the big lie socialist narrative which melts under the slightest scrutiny to have wide exposure with an audience. The feeble minded unthinking leftist critics who post here reveal that they’re merely Obama butt boys doing their job and giving a negative review to anything critical of their hollow idol or any expose & critique of Obama’s socialist and cultural Marxist values. If this were a gay themed movie they’d give it 100 Tomatoes before seeing it. This is an excellent thought provoking film by a deep thinking analyst of the contemporary state of socialism and how it’s achieving it’s ends in America. It’s a very precise intelligent critique of the socialist driven narrative that has been perverting, polluting our society for the past 50 years. And in case you haven’t noticed: the socialists are winning!

Of course 81% of the movie goers liked the film, I am certain out of ever 100 people who saw this film 90 of them were conservative. Most leftists aren’t going to waste their money to go watch a movie in which a conservative ex-con white washes history books. It isn’t that most critics are liberal, it is that lefty critics are the only lefties who are probably watching this tripe.

You know, I think that last guy may be on to something.

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"I think you should stop thinking. " Hey, that guy wants you to be just like him!