Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mel TV

Viewing tip for Oct. 12 and 13: After a successful sneak preview in Austin, Mel Gibson’s redemption tour is heading to Good Morning, America. Which just happens to air on ABC. Which just happens to be owned by Disney. Which just happens to be releasing Gibson's upcoming Apocalypto.

BTW: I wonder how long it will be before some irate non-fan accuses Gibson (accurately or otherwise) of padding Apocalypto with "borrowed" bits and pieces from J. Lee Thompson's Kings of the Sun, a half-forgotten (well, OK, nine-tenths-forgotten) 1963 epic starring George Chakiris as a young Mayan king, Shirley Ann Field as shapely Mayan princess, Richard Basehart as a chonically inaccurate soothsayer -- and Yul Brynner as a non-cooperative candidate for human sacrifice.

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