Sunday, August 10, 2008

R.I.P.: Bernie Mac (1957-2008)

Oddly enough, I did not know Bernie Mac had ever been a stand-up comic when I first noticed him – and praised him -- as first-rate character actor in The Players Club. Imagine my surprise when I saw Spike Lee’s The Kings of Comedy -- and laughed my fool head off. He was a very funny man, and I suspect he would have given us even more cause to laugh had the Grim Reaper not intervened. To pay him the highest compliment I am capable of bestowing: He left this world a much better place than it would have been had he’d never been it.

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Toto said...

Very sad. Hollywood wasn't quite sure what to do with his talents. The underrated "Mr. 3000" showed he could flat out act, while "Guess Who" had him in a tepid race comedy beneath his skills. A real loss.