Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a Disaster, all right

In the not-so-grand tradition of Date Movie and Meet the Spartans -- we now have Disaster Movie, yet another frantically unfunny free-form farce from the unfortunately prolific writing-directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. You can read my Variety review here. But that's not my last word on the subject.

As I have posted elsewhere: This is something you might file under "Stuff I Wouldn’t Dare Make Up." I went to a midnight screening late Thursday/early Friday for Disaster Movie – and I actually was the only person in the theater. At least, that was the case for about 30 or so minutes into the movie. At the 30-minute mark, I noticed a young guy wandering in. (Can’t tell you his age for certain – it was, well, dark.) I thought this was kinda-sorta weird – remember, we’re talking close to 12:40 am at this point – but I figured, what the hell, maybe he just ducked in after seeing another movie in another auditorium of the megaplex. 

He sat down a few rows ahead of me. But after about five or so minutes, he stood up and… and… well, I am not 100 percent sure about this, but I think he took a leak. Really. Right there in the freakin’ auditorium. On the floor. And then, he left. 

Now, as I said, I’m not absolutely certain that’s what the guy did – I sure as hell didn’t walk over to where he had been sitting to check for a puddle of piss – but that’s what it looked like to me sitting behind him. 

And I have to say, all I could think was: Wow! What a review!


Free Press Houston said...

I saw Disaster Movie Wednesday night with a full-on 65 I.Q. crowd and they laughed, well, at places. This was the worst film I have ever seen, I had to go next door afterwards and watch House Bunny just to bring myself up to even.
I honestly wondered as I watched DM how it could be so unfunny. I mean Monty Python and the Holy Grail drops a cow on someone and it is hilarious, so why doesn't it work in DM? Maybe because nothing that proceeded the cow dropping on Iron Man, or Batman was funny.
So did you see this film at the Studio 30? It attracts a micturating type of client.

Free Press Houston said...

I see you saw it at the Edwards Grand Palace. I was there that night but I swear, House Bunny got out at 10:40, and I left then, so there is no way the carpet pisser could be me, right?

Joe Leydon said...

Like I said: This happened late Thursday night, so you're in the clear. Actually, I saw the Obama acceptance speech a few hours earlier, so the evening wasn't a total loss. But still...

Free Press Houston said...

I got my days mixed up - Wed night was Mama Mia Sing Along Edition after which I watched Dark Knight for the umpteenth time in its entirety, so that put me leaving the Grand Palace at around 12:30 am. Thurs night I was leaving the Grand Palace around 10:40 pm. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hey, I am linking your story to an article I am writing on the Free Press Houston website. Holiday Weekend regards. Is it true that the Obama speech resembles the Michael Douglas speech at the end of American President?

Al Tran said...

Given the movie involved, I would call that a rave review. Damn shame about the seats though, they really held the auditorium together.