Friday, March 05, 2010

Truer than fiction: 45365

At tonight's Independent Spirit Awards: The inaugural Chaz & Roger Ebert Truer Than Fiction Award goes to 45365, a quietly mesmerizing documentary that, as I wrote in my original Variety review from last year's SXSW Film Festival, "fashions a seductive, fascinating tapestry of small-town life by interweaving seemingly random glimpses of residents in Sidney, Ohio." Great choice. So now, maybe, it might open in a few theaters, so people who don't go to film festivals can actually see it?


Anonymous said...

Screened in New Orleans, MoMa, Denver this week and will hit Seattle and LA in the next week or so and continue on in Chicago, NYC etc!

James Eowan said...

Thanks for your great SXSW review, Joe. We love the 45365, too, and are doing all that we can to get it into theaters. It's playing in NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Denver and more!