Saturday, June 19, 2010

The movie music in those "Pure Michigan" ads

OK, I have to admit: Even though I've seen those ads that promote Michigan tourism for the better part of two years, I've never been able to figure out on my my own what teasingly familiar movie music score is played throughout the spots. The Natural? Nope. Fried Green Tomatoes? Uh-uh. Driving Miss Daisy? Nah. After months of frustration, I decided to cop out today and simply Google for the info. And I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say that, really, I should have guessed the right answer right from the start: Rachel Portman's Oscar-nominated score for The Cider House Rules. D'oh. By he way: Tim Allen is the guy who narrates the spots. I couldn't figure that out on my own, either. Play the above video, and you'll fully appreciate what a dim bulb I am.

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