Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ten years after: High Fidelity

As I noted a decade ago: "It’s got a great beat – and, yes, thanks to a nifty soundtrack of tasty pop classics, you really can dance to it – so I’ll rate High Fidelity a solid 100-plus. Adapted with surprising faithfulness, if not the highest fidelity, from Nick Hornby’s sassy and slangy novel, this is a sharp and smart comedy-drama about growing up, taking stock, letting go, setting course and settling down – the top five challenges facing the overgrown-adolescent lead character played so vibrantly by top-billed John Cusack." I'm not quite sure if enough time has passed for this one to qualify as a oldie but goodie. But it remains a career highlight for Cusack and just about everyone else -- including director Stephen Frears and co-star Jack Black -- involved.

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