Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike update

As of 7:30 pm Houston time, we're still being told that we don't need to evacuate. Indeed, according to the mayor and various other officials, if we haven’t evacuated by now, we’d be much better off staying put, lest we impede the traffic flow for people evacuating from Galveston and other areas expected to get hit REALLY HARD by Hurricane Ike. There has already been at least one reported death in Montgomery County – a child crushed by a wind-toppled tree – and I fear we will hear of more deaths, many more deaths, before it’s all over. Outside, it is drizzling, and the winds are picking up slightly. I live in an area of Houston that hasn't flooded at any time during my 25 years of living here. Still, I suspect I won't get much sleep tonight....

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