Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slamdance: Spooner

A pleasant mix of meet-cute romance and off-the-wall quirkiness, Spooner is the latest in a sign-of-the-times subgenre, another contemporary comedy about an underemployed thirtysomething who needs to fall in love before he's finally ready to move out of his parents' home. An atypically understated Matthew Lillard strikes the right balance of "hey, dude!" amiability and anxious self-awareness as Herman Spooner, an aimless and unambitious smalltown used car salesman whose life seems permanently stuck in neutral. Whether he's ready or not, however, he'll soon have to at least begin to lift himself out of his rut: His loving but not infinitely patient parents (Christopher McDonald, Kate Burton) have set the absolute deadline of his 30th birthday -- just a few days away -- for him to vacate the family home.

You can read my Variety review of Spooner here.

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