Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming soon to a video store near you

While growing up in New Orleans, I often heard this sage wisdom: "Some days, you got eggs and bacon. Next day, there's nothing shakin'." I was reminded about this good news/bad news aphorism today when I learned that In the Electric Mist -- the long-delayed filmization of James Lee Burke's best-selling In the Electric Mist With the Confederate Dead, directed by Bertrand Tavernier (above, right) and starring Tommy Lee Jones (left) as Burke's Louisiana-based shamus Dave Robicheaux -- will finally have its world premiere next month at the Berlin Film Festival. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the movie will coming soon to a theater or drive-in near you. Why? Because it's already slated to appear March 3 at fine video stores everywhere on Blu-Ray and DVD. That's right: Even with all that talent on either side of the camera, it will be, for all practical purposes, a direct-to-video release. Yikes!

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