Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robert Redford: Obama isn't doing enough

Robert Redford is seriously unhappy about the way President Obama is handling the ongoing Gulf Oil Spill (a metastasizing catastrophe now of sufficient importance to justify the use of capital letters, like The Great Recession). As he posted today on

"I am glad that President Obama announced that he would appoint an independent commission to look at the causes of the blowout and determine what we must do to prevent this from ever happening again. This is an important first step in addressing the national tragedy and coming up with real solutions to prevent future drilling disasters.

"But it is not enough."

Redford discussed his concerns tonight with Keith Olbermann during, apparently, a break in his post-production chores for The Conspirator. It would be overstating the case to describe Redford's tone as "angry." But I can't help feeling that, in the weeks and months ahead, he's going to be hard-pressed to devote his full attention to the task of completing and promoting a movie.

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