Friday, September 29, 2006

Stuff I wouldn't dare make up

Faced with the choice of showing jackass number two or a blank screen to his customers, the owner of two moviehouses in small-town Illinois decided blank is better.

Meanwhile, over in Kazakhstan, the owner of that country's biggest theater chain has opted to pass on a movie that may be "offensive" to his countrymen. Evidently, he's not the only person in that part of the world who can't take a joke.

And on the mean streets of New York, Liza Minnelli is set for a guest spot on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. But unlike Chevy Chase -- who's guesting next month on the original Law & Order series as a celeb who has a Mel Gibsonesque meltdown while raving anti-Semitic rant -- Minnelli isn't doing a thinly-disguised riff on a real-life person. Presumably, that means she won't portray a fading superstar who's accused of smacking around her estranged husband.

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