Friday, May 21, 2010

MacGruber does not suck

I feel slightly relieved to see that, according to Movie Review Intelligence, I am not the only critic who thought MacGruber was pretty damn funny. Full disclosure: I laughed until I was thoroughly ashamed of myself when I caught a "work in progress" version of the flick last spring at SXSW -- even though I'm not at all a fan of the Saturday Night Live sketches that "inspired" it -- and it struck me as equally amusing when I saw an officially  "complete" (albeit mostly unchanged) version at a Houston screening Thursday night. Indeed, I still can't understand why the folks at Rogue Picture wimped out and refused to screen the movie any earlier for critics who hadn't made the trek to Austin in March. Were they... oh, I don't know... afraid of getting bad reviews? My, what a quaint notion.

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Craig Kennedy said...

As an unapologetic fan of Land of the Lost, my comedy credentials are shot to hell and I have no standing to play the snob card when it comes to MacGruber.

Still, I'm aching for a good r-rated comedy (no, neither The Hangover nor Hot Tub Time Machine were it)... you know, the kind of gleefully stupid and crass movie your mom would hate but you laugh all the way through.

Since you also hate the SNL sketch but liked MacGruber, you've officially put me over the edge and I'm seeing it.

Comedy is subjective and all that so if it stinks I won't blame you, but I hope it doesn't.