Sunday, December 28, 2008

R.I.P.: Ann Savage (1921-2008)

Veteran actress Ann Savage may have passed away on Christmas Day, but she will forever remain immortal in the hearts of movie buffs for her indelibly acidic portrayal of the ultimate film noir femme fatale: Vera, the hard-bitten hitchhiker who makes a bad situation infinitely worse for a hard-luck loser in Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour, arguably the scuzziest great movie ever made. You can hear Savage talking about her role in that classic B-flick here.


Free Press Houston said...

Jake says Ann said that DETOUR was shot in 22 days ... I asked about the 7 day story and he said "When the legend becomes fact print the legend"

Anonymous said...

The apt line from "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" is right on: DETOUR is largely remembered as one of Ulmer's 6-day quickies (in fact, as his *most* memorable 6-day quickie), but you have 14 days given on the PRC printed budget; whether he came in under schedule or whether 6 days just sounds more impressive we will likely never know. Savage was, by her own account, on the set for just a few days, though was budgeted for full weeks ($2,100!!).

May she rest in peace.

--Noah Isenberg

Anonymous said...

How about asking the script clerk's daughter? Hello?

3-6 days would just about cover the desert shoot, even at Ulmer warp speed

The problem isn't that we'll never know what happened, but will anyone bother to fully research beyond the surface mythology...