Saturday, August 19, 2006

Countdown to "Idlewild"

You know, I'm a little nervous about getting so pumped up for a movie based almost entirely on a hot trailer and a cool music video. But the advance screening in my market just happens to be scheduled for Aug. 22 -- my birthday. I can't help thinking that is a good sign.


Unknown said...

Joe, I'm looking forward to this as much as the next guy, but a couple reviews up on RT have me a little worried - either way, I will be seeing it next weekend for sure. I love me some OutKast.
Even if the story itself isn't that good, I expect the musical numbers to be great. The accompanying album is really good.

Joe Leydon said...


A couple of years back, I had one of my students at University of Houston -- a young African-American woman -- come up to me after class and express amazement that I had mentioned Outkast AND Nelly during a lecture. "How did you know who they are?" she asked. "You're white. [Pause] And you're old." All I could say was: "Well, what can I say? You got me both times there..."